• Histoire - Château Badette
  • Histoire - Château Badette
  • Histoire - Château Badette

A promising return

“In 2008, I undertook my research in the region, and it was Badette that showed the best terroir. I love Saint-Emilion and its authenticity.”

So says Marc-André Vandenbogaerde, the Belgian owner of Château Badette, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, which thanks to him is making a remarkable return to the forefront. Undoubtedly Badette suffered for a long time with its reputation in the shadows, but the vineyard is not a newcomer, and its coat of arms honours an enviable past.

In 1898, Edouard Féret wrote of Badette in these terms: “It has always been classed at the top of the second growths of Saint-Emilion. Exceptionally well maintained, it produces an average of 50 tonneaux of a delicate, soft, perfumed wine, perfectly preserved.” (In Bordeaux and its wines classed by order of merit, 7th French edition, published by Féret). Certainly, much wine has flowed through the barrels for more than a century since then, but with the care of the new owner, the comments made in the 19th century could perfectly well apply to the wine of today.

Château Badette

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